Evacuation Products

Having an emergency situation on which we have to evacuate the building its not something that happens every day. But still its not something that cannot happen. 
When matters to this scenario the following questions rise
1.    “Are you prepared for an emergency Evacuation”
2.    “Can you evacuate the building safely”
3.    “How does the legislation affect you?”
According to “EQUALITY ACT 2010” adjustments must be made to ensure that a disable person is not put at a substantial disadvantage compared to persons who are not disabled.
Places of employment, universities, schools, shops, offices and public buildings must provide adequate access and egress facilities for all persons with disabilities who may enter or exit a building.
Eyescan as the official distributor of Evacchairs in Cyprus and Greece can provide you with all the products and services needed so you can be sure that no one will left behind in case of an emergency.

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